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Hair Transplantation
Prince Medical can thus guarantee both women and men fuller, natural hair which grows. The team of experts places great value on a personal patient consultation before every hair transplant, as it establishes the necessary mutual trust between doctor and patient
7/24 Air Ambulance
Prince Medical, provides 7/24 air ambulance services in Turkey and international countries at patient transfers. Our flights are conducted under the supervision of doctors and nurses. Our crew and our air ambulance are ready to take off 24/7 to transfer patients globally.
Dental Care
If you are living in Middle East or Europe any kind of medical treatment for you is expensive at home. So, Turkey is the place to go and get the treatment done for you and after that you can enjoy a holiday through Turkey
Eye Care
Regular eyes examinations are extremely important to have a healthy life. All people, whether glasses or not, participate in an eye examination every year